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Can John Howard get a sex scandal for popularity? June 15, 2007

Posted by Null in Australia, Humor.
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Many of us view our prime minister John Howard as an arrogant political orthodox. But his contribution to our society at large is quite significant. Just think about his big mouth when he tries to make his voice global. No matter whether it is a cricket match or Barack Obama or global warming, he has a voice over that issue. Whether it is necessary or not, he doesn’t care. All he care about is the Australians and thats why he represents us by having his voice in every issues. We love him because the Americans make a jackass out of him; we love him because he had built a strong economy; and we love him because he showed the employers how to trap employees to AWA and sack them.

But why is he loosing his popularity these days? Kevin Rudd is still ahead of him in polls. We don’t want this to happen, right? We love our PM and here is a youtube video that explains us the alternative avenues to bring back his popularity.