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Greek Salad for European Union June 22, 2011

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Greece should have never being included in the EU at the first place. They have been continously reckless. The EU has overlooked the “Greek Tragedy” issue for some time Now, this bailout tragedy will encourage other nations  like Portugal and Spain to go for recession & debts.

How would the European Union like this Greek Salad with debt dressing? The question now is what lies next for EU?


Social Media Day June 22, 2011

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The “Social media day” is coming in two weeks and Mashable is asking readers “How has social media changed your life?”

I say “Social media has made me more unsocial, lazy, dumb and useless fun frenzy”.

Economic Darwinism at its worst October 17, 2009

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Darwin’s Nightmare (2004) directed by Hubert Sauper, is the Oscar nominated documentary film which portrays the economic Darwinism in Tanzania and the other countries associated with the Lake Victoria. The film explains how the economically advantaged big fishes of the world are exploiting the underprivileged tiny fishes of Africa.

We are aware of barter systems where people used to exchange goods and services for other goods and services. In fact many nations still have barter exchanges. Such examples include Saudi Arabia/UAE exchanging food in return for oil and cash from Australia/US. But question always lie with the gains from trade. In most cases, it is not a win win situation in international business and trade. When we get greedy for business and trade, we ignore many other issues like the ecology, the business ethics, and the poverty. Rather we focus on exploitation, creating tension and enforced dumping.

The film depicts an in depth analysis of an extensive research (although it may look controversial and offensive to some groups). It gives a vivid description of the case of Lake Victoria of Tanzania and the inhabitants nearby the lake. A new breed of fish, which looked commercially successful, has eventually transformed some of the African economies into a bloody economic and politcal war. See it for yourself and find out what has changed the life in that region.

Humorous quote of the time July 10, 2009

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I’ve once been to a winery in Melbourne and heard that quote while testing a wine. Though it was a part of a guided tour, I really had a nice time over there. The good thing about wineries is that you will feel like you’re in a different place far from the crowded materialistic world. The quote

If life is a waste of time and time is a waste of life, then let’s all get wasted and have the time of our lives.

I didn’t carefully judge the phrase at that time. After couple of years, while watching a winery in the National Geographic channel I suddenly heard that quote. Although humorous in nature, the quote looks pretty interesting. It raises an intrinsic query whether life or time or both is a waste of each other.

The “BAD” was a “THRILLER” to us June 26, 2009

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It’s shocking and I’m saddened by the news that the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson is no longer alive. He was just 50 and it’s so early for him to die. News reports that he had cardiac problems and died of a heart failure.


Our world had a lot of media celebrities and famous people but there wasn’t so many legends. Elvis, Jackson and Madonna are considered to be the most influential persons who shaped the music. But I still believe there is none to  be compared to Michael Jackson because he came from a ethnic background and was widely accepted by the whole world.You can talk about many black influential people like Mohammad Ali, Steve Wonder, Oprah, and Obama but, Michael Jackson was the  one man inspiration to the cultural diversity that we see these days.

No matter what the people express about his character, innner demons, child molestation cases, or the facial surgeries; but there can never be a true legend like him. His breaks and dances, his music pattern had a lot of influences to the pop, disco, rap, and hip-hop music. He is the one who made a revolutionary change in the western music.Many of us who listened to his music from our childhood, will never, ever forget this genius. We’ve just lost the icon of the century. R.I.P.  M.J.

Yet another surprise upset in T20 World Cricket June 5, 2009

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I have always realized that the format of cricket is ever changing and more and more fans are joining cricket these days. This change is inevitable as because of the demand of the new generation. However, I won’t make any proletarian judgments about the future fate of Test cricket and 50 over matches. Those longer formats of the game are the real game because the chances of a weaker opponent to win with a major opponent are very less.

But as we are going through the new format of the game, we have already observed that in T20 format, it can be anybody’s game. In the T20 World Cup  2007, Bangladesh made a major upset beating a top team West Indies and Zimbabwe beat the mighty Australia.   This year, the less known rookie Netherlands took the nerve to beat England in the very first game of the T20 world cup 2009, unfortunately at the England’s best boosted Lords venue.

Source: Cricinfo and AP

Would we call these upsets? I guess not. I reckon there are no minnows in T20 format. You play the right shots, you take risks, and if you are a hard-hitter who can play all shots in the book, it’s  gonna be your game. Like I said before T20 is anybody’s game, but you gotta have nerves and talent to win with a major team. I also expect that more newer teams should be included in the T20 format to make the Cricket promote to a more wider sports community around the globe. This does not actually mean that star teams will loose with minnows every now and then in 20-20 format. Star teams will always remain top teams as long as their strategy, nerves, talent and experience is there. But they need to be a little more cautious in this format of the game.

Coming back to E-life March 26, 2009

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Gosh. I had a long break from my blog. I guess it’s time to do some chores on it. I feel pity for it. It was supposed to be a part of my life but I just got myself tied up with courses and students. Well, now it time to come back with news and views. There had been lot of happenings in Bangladesh in the recent months. I don’t want to write about those issues (bloody politics, terrorism, crime, economic recession, blah blah). I will start on some progressive thoughts that can bring foods.

Quote of the time July 7, 2007

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Wherever we go, whoever we meet or whatever we do is supported with some intentions or objectives. It is that we pursue something in order to achieve something. We even do some noble work to achieve some inner relief. Eventually we want to become something that we have desired or something we are passionate about. If we haven’t reached that level of desire in our life, we live and struggle to achieve that. According to one of the schools of thought (Baruch Spinoza), the achievement of that desire, appetite, status, recognition or whatever should bring end to our life. He says that:

To be what we are and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end in life.

His above statement is pensive but it raises further enquiry. Although I do not have any physical or experimental evidence like Spinoza, but I believe that the above quote does not correspond with the contemporary context of life. We still live because our demand for desires are infinite and we will strive life long to attain our desires. Even the most successful people on earth bears the failure of unaccomplished desires.

My takeaways from the University of Sydney July 4, 2007

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I have nearly finished my Masters from the University of Sydney and it was a beautiful experience styding at Sydney University.  While I did study at another Australian University, but my experience was not that pleasent as  because my circumstances were totally different at that time. I was sort of in a cultural shock phase.

There are many things that I have learn’t from my coursework and this blog is a sample of the inspiration I had from one of the university lecturers. Since I am hoping to pursue a doctorate in future, the Sydney University degree also gave me a direction to my future career. However, the most important lesson I tookaway from Sydney Uni is the way I percieve the world now. Looking into things critically has never been in my thought ever before. The diverse experience with the students from different parts of the world, the academic staff, the campus life, the bloody train and bus services, the casual work at MYER, the increase in my reading habit, the chilled winter winds, the stress for paper submissions, etc are some of the important contributors to my whole experience. The degree and the course itself was only a minor supplier to my significant lesson.

Sydney Uni Great Hall