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The “BAD” was a “THRILLER” to us June 26, 2009

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It’s shocking and I’m saddened by the news that the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson is no longer alive. He was just 50 and it’s so early for him to die. News reports that he had cardiac problems and died of a heart failure.


Our world had a lot of media celebrities and famous people but there wasn’t so many legends. Elvis, Jackson and Madonna are considered to be the most influential persons who shaped the music. But I still believe there is none to  be compared to Michael Jackson because he came from a ethnic background and was widely accepted by the whole world.You can talk about many black influential people like Mohammad Ali, Steve Wonder, Oprah, and Obama but, Michael Jackson was the  one man inspiration to the cultural diversity that we see these days.

No matter what the people express about his character, innner demons, child molestation cases, or the facial surgeries; but there can never be a true legend like him. His breaks and dances, his music pattern had a lot of influences to the pop, disco, rap, and hip-hop music. He is the one who made a revolutionary change in the western music.Many of us who listened to his music from our childhood, will never, ever forget this genius. We’ve just lost the icon of the century. R.I.P.  M.J.



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