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Child Labor & Sweatshops in Bangladesh March 26, 2009

Posted by Null in Bangladesh, Ethics, HRM.
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Much has been told about the “Child Labor” and “Sweatshop” issues in newspapers and as well as by human rights activists.  But do we really care? I’m afraid, not. We give a damn about these children who work day and nights. We feel pity if a worker is sweating to produce a Nike T-Shirt for us.

The obvious question may come, Why should we care? Aren’t we paying $60 for that shirt? We are being responsible by purchasing the T-Shirt at a higher price. But who gets the money? It’s time now that we as consumers’ be aware about general human rights that every human being on earth deserves. By the way,  I’m not a feminist or a leftist.  All I’m trying is to aware ourselves that something definite can be done to improve the lives of some poor people who work for our daily commodities.


Coming back to E-life March 26, 2009

Posted by Null in Expression.
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Gosh. I had a long break from my blog. I guess it’s time to do some chores on it. I feel pity for it. It was supposed to be a part of my life but I just got myself tied up with courses and students. Well, now it time to come back with news and views. There had been lot of happenings in Bangladesh in the recent months. I don’t want to write about those issues (bloody politics, terrorism, crime, economic recession, blah blah). I will start on some progressive thoughts that can bring foods.