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Piracy in the blogsphere July 13, 2007

Posted by Null in About Blogs, Ethics.

There are thousands of bloggers who copy ones ideas and put them back to their blogs, which is quite similar to the paraphrasing we used to do in our academic life. Some might care to link back your ideas, and there are some who gives a sh*t about your intellectual ideas. The problem is that your innovative and creative journal entry goes global even without a simple acknowledgement. The result is mistrust in the blogsphere and is unethical too. Nobody knows who really initiated this innovative idea or discussion. 

A good blogger knows what it feels like when their writings are being copied and not acknowledged. I still don’t know whether any ethical guidelines exist or not but what I felt about writing blog journals is that some DOs and DONTs should exist in the blogsphere. Probably a code of ethics or something.  Although most bloggers do care about acknowledging the genuine authors, but there are rotten tomatoes in every basket. However, mere guidelines are not the solutions to the ethical dilemma of the blogsphere. It is upto the people in the blogsphere whether they care about it or not. If they don’t care about it, the general acceptance of these so called freelance journals will perish very soon.



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