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Eco-friendly Al Gore with an eco-smoker son July 5, 2007

Posted by Null in News.

What happened to be the most bizzare story today is Al Gore’s “Live Earth” climate campaign could be at stake when his son was being arrested for possessing eco friendly green marijuana. His son Albert Gore was arrested by the Orange County Sherrifs Department on 4th of July. While the dad is educating people about the greenhouse effects, the son goes more green with leaves of marijuana and other illegal drugs such as valium and xantax. Like dad, like son. Some argue that Al Gore himself had taken marijuana before. I reckon Al Gore should start educating his family before campaigning to others. Charity begins at home Gore, go educate yourself and your family first.



1. Anonymous - November 13, 2009

People often shift their focus from the big picture to trivial matters …Al Gore lecture about the dangerous consequences of climate change(I know sometimes he goes a little overboard and its annoying ) …what it has to do with his son being arrested… I am sure you have done something in your life that you are not very proud of… people should be judged on their own action/performance not by their sons’ or daughters’ mischief …Albert Gore was 24 at the time of arrest …old enough to be held responsible for his action …

moinul - November 14, 2009

Since they are already on the big picture so trivial matters comes into effect, otherwise it wouldn’t. It is always with those sons and daughters of celebrities who are on limelight especially individuals like Sarah Palin whose daughter had some incidents as well. The fact is, they are being seen as front runners of a nation and these can have an impact on the society who are depending on them i.e. People imitate them, people see them as superheroes, people admire them. Although, individuals are obviously accountable for their own actions not by their peers but if that individual has a greater influence towards the society, then there are effects.

I don’t recall If I have done something wrong or not in my life. But it seems you’ve been beside me, since you know much about me and making comments whether I had something that I am not proud of. BTW, this is an early 2007 post which I guess should not reflect to what I think now. We think differently as we grow and learn more, so it should be judged according to that time.

2. Anonymous - November 14, 2009

Thanks for bringing up Sarah Palin …. She is incompetent ….period (thank god she is no longer the governor of Alaska…she can now watch Russia from her bed room window for all she want…) ….but it is not her fault that her daughter got knocked up by high school student …
And what I said about you doing something wrong …it was just a generalized comment…it was not meant to be a personal comment or attack to you …if that offend you in some way then I am really sorry ..
as human being we are bound to make mistakes …I have done plenty and I know for a fact I will continue making mistakes because that is how human beings are…we all have our baggage with us ..….that is why I think one should think twice before pointing finger at somebody.. .

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