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My takeaways from the University of Sydney July 4, 2007

Posted by Null in Expression.

I have nearly finished my Masters from the University of Sydney and it was a beautiful experience styding at Sydney University.  While I did study at another Australian University, but my experience was not that pleasent as  because my circumstances were totally different at that time. I was sort of in a cultural shock phase.

There are many things that I have learn’t from my coursework and this blog is a sample of the inspiration I had from one of the university lecturers. Since I am hoping to pursue a doctorate in future, the Sydney University degree also gave me a direction to my future career. However, the most important lesson I tookaway from Sydney Uni is the way I percieve the world now. Looking into things critically has never been in my thought ever before. The diverse experience with the students from different parts of the world, the academic staff, the campus life, the bloody train and bus services, the casual work at MYER, the increase in my reading habit, the chilled winter winds, the stress for paper submissions, etc are some of the important contributors to my whole experience. The degree and the course itself was only a minor supplier to my significant lesson.

Sydney Uni Great Hall



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