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iPhone for the iGeneration July 2, 2007

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Finally Apple Inc. has entered the so called gizmo cellphone market where companies decide a consumer’s demand, taste and preferences. The highly anticipated Apple’s iPhone is the latest supplement to the cellphone industry. The initial market response seems success because the crazy mobile lovers had been queuing for several hours in front of the retail stores. I wonder what is going to be the answer to iPhone by other cellphone manufacturers like Blackberry and Nokia. If they do not respond well, Apple will be looking for a sizeable market share and that would be quite interesting to see.

Considering all the features and usability, iPhone is a forward looking smartphone which includes loads of features that are yet to be provided by other companies. Though I am not an iFan, but iLiked the way Apple approached this cellphone iMarket. The iPhone includes iCandy features such as touchscreen, ipod & itunes capability, video capability (including youtube), and mostly all the common cellphone features like camera, calender, e-mail, organiser, wifi, etc. However, I feel there would be mixed reactions because iPhone does not look like a corporate device and looks more like a gagdet. The high anticipation people had from the iPhone can be negative and there are already news about the downsides of iPhone. If anybody still asks for my preference of a cellphone brand, I would still say yes to Nokia.

The interesting part is, the long serving Blackberry and Nokia seemed to have identified a real competitor now and that is Steve Jobs. It would be nice to see their response to iPhone. But you never know, what’s coming next. Maybe some other gizmo giant is coming with a Kill’em All technology and will take control of the market. The cellphone industry that once looked somewhat mature, is now getting back to the growth stages of the life cycle. Quite exciting, ain’t it?



1. Abdullah Al Junayed - October 21, 2009

Dear Sir,
I must have to admit that iPhone is a pioneer in stopping the piracy. Nokia and Other devices have enabled file transfer via bluetooth. But here iPhone is an exception. It does not allow file transfer via bluetooth. Bluetooth only works with it’s headset. Nokia and other device users download numerous songs and softwares into the memory stick and then share with others and becoming involved in piracy unconsciously or consciously 🙂 I think its a great loss to the industry. An inndustry will loose hope in business because of such piracy. iPhone is promoting to buy the songs from iTunes store and users cant share these files which results in no-piracy environment. I think if other vendors become aware of it then piracy in such sectors will come to an end and it has great beneficial impact to economy and ethics of human beings. How piracy will come to an end and start benefiting us…i am giving you an example. People will see that no longer they can share the files which are the discoveries of immense research. They will realize that yes now i need to buy the softwares. In order to buy the softwares they will strive to earn the money. In order to earn the money they will look for the jobs and more Jobs sectors will be open because industries will regain the hope in doing business. In this way unemployment can be brought down to a controlled shape. Today’s renowned anti-virus software Kaspersky is very strict to stop the piracy and thats why we see key blacklisted in constant manner. And I have decided to buy an original Kaspersky bundle in the coming year…in order to fill up my desire…i am looking for a part-time teaching job 🙂
Best Regards,
Abdullah Al Junayed

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