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Adoption of electronic communication June 26, 2007

Posted by Null in Corporate Communications.

The adoption of electronic communication media can be twofold. They can improve the communication process and can also escalate miscommunication. As we know that there are several intended and unintended consequences of adopting technology based electronic channels. Consequences such as long text messages, information overload, lack of timely feedback, reduced social presence, and excessive attention to electronic information can jeopadize the intented goals of organisational communication. Hence it would be worthwhile for management and organisations to recognise both the benefits and the perceived negative consequences that electronic communication can bring about. Communication is a two way process. Whatever the media we are using there should be homogeny between the selected media and the type of interaction held. Since the basic principles of communication have not changed much, there should be a blend of both face-to-face and technology based communication. In an interview with The Economist, Jim Flynn from Oracle Corporation expressed that:  

Face-to-face is the only way to work through complicated co-ordination issues. In a world where English is spoken as a second language, the Internet can breed misunderstandings if not backed up with regular face-to-face meetings.

If a computer technology based organisation has so much to do with face-to-face meeting, other organisations should not think of diluting face-to-face interaction when communicating throughout the organisation. A scholar stated that face-to-face interaction is still effective because human beings are biologically designed to communicate in a physical manner. Therefore, it is recommended that organisations should consider the media choice according to their specific needs. I am not suggesting that face-to-face interaction is the only survival kit; rather a blend of both forms can enable a success in the communication process. The question for further research is in determining the ideal fit between the organisational communication setting and the technology that will be used in communication.



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