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Love him or hate him, Mika is your rising lollipop June 24, 2007

Posted by Null in Music.

I am not quite sure whether the pommies like him or not but Mika is likely to have a very good music career in future. It is not because he is an ethnic (Lebanese) singer in UK, but because his voice is something different that takes you to an imaginary world. So far I know he had been trained by a Russian Opera specialist when he was young. He calls himself as a songwriter, a performer, a producer and an orchestrator which makes him so versatile as a musician.

MIKA, Grace Kelly, Life in Cartoon Motion, Relax, Take it easy

The journey of his life from Beirut to Paris and then to London, which he calls as the troublesme time of his life because his father was taken hostage by the Americans. Despite his bitter chilldhood experiences as an ethnic kid in UK, he started writing his emotions and experiences in the form of songs. His professional career started when he wrote a song for the Orbit Gum commerical and inflight music for British Airways. His recent and first album “Life in Cartoon Motion” should be a success since the title “Grace Kelly” has been admired by millions of pop listeners around the world. If you listen to his voice you will get to know that he has vocal range of three and half octaves, which is extraordinary for a pop singer. He also remixed a popular song of 70’s by Cutting Crew “I just died in your arms tonight” into his own version “Relax, Take it easy”. If you want to try before you buy, right click and download these two songs “Grace Kelly” and “Relax, Take it easy“.



1. ROSA - May 6, 2009


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