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Nigerian scam and General Abacha June 13, 2007

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Most of us who have an email address has confronted with at least one Nigerian scam (419 scam or Advanced fee fraud) letter in their life. When I was a rookie internet user, I used to get plenty of scams which were mostly from a Nigerian oil tycoon, or a retired general or a diamond businessman. These emails would come in the form of a tragic story where a millionaire/oil tycoon/general died and his wife wants to get out of Nigeria and she will share the money if we agree. If we agree, there awaits a great f#@k for us and for our bank accounts. The process is quite lengthy and detailed but once you are a potential victim, these suckers will somehow get your money. Generally, these suckers gets our email addresses from the internet mailing lists. To target a newbie on the internet, the Nigerian story is quite a fascinating theory to suck money.

I wonder why Nigeria was choosen for a scam. Recently I did a search on Google with “Abacha” where most of the results relate with the Nigerian money stealing scandal done by General Sani Abacha. So it is pretty clear that the suckers who scams millions of internet users with a promise to transfer millions of dollars have identified a great story to develop this scam. General Abacha or Maryam Abacha are the widely used names for these sort of scam letters. However, these 419 letters have reduced during the last couple of years probably because nobody’s buying these stories. But it’s better to be aware about them and educate new internet users about the traditional theories of internet scamming. If you haven’t read any of these Nigerian stories yet, you would find interesting to read some typical scam scenerios posted on popsubculture. There is also an interesting discussion board dedicated to the versatility of these amazing stories.



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