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Employee responses to technology June 6, 2007

Posted by Null in Corporate Communications.

As human beings we do not easily adapt to technological systems because our intuition tells us that those high-tech systems are beyond our knowledge and understanding. As in most cases, CEOs and managers are frustrated because they spent a significant amount of money for introducing technology but they remain underutilized. This may be due to the fact that many employees know little about the use of those technologies and are unaware how technology can leverage their performance. As stated in Miller (2006) that the use of technology will not escalate until a critical mass of people are using it. But how is it possible to make employees use these systems?

Technological effects

Once the employees realise the potential benefits of using it, they will jump over to use it. For instance, not many people used instant messaging for communication before but consider now that there are billions of people who use instant messaging. It is a socializing process where we need to make people understand the perceived benefits associated with the technology. The question lies here relates with communicating with them and help them learn the system. Basic training and documentation does not always construct the necessary social tie between human and technologies.



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