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Is your CEO blogging right now? June 5, 2007

Posted by Null in Corporate Communications.

I don’t want to talk details about the benefits of corporate blogging as because there are so many to say. Rather I would tell you what your company would be missing if your CEO is not blogging right now.

Here are some of the consequences:
♣ Your competitors will have the advantage of making relationships with your customers. So you don’t want this to happen.
♣ Others will think that your company is not responsive to technological changes.
♣ Your organisation will miss the opportunity of having an organisational voice who could have been your company’s representative to the external environment.
♣You will also miss the chance of getting valuable customer feedback about your products and services.
♣ Your company will lack the sharing of knowledge and information which could have been critical for your research and development.

Speak no blog, hear no blog, see no blog

To justify the above points, I can give you an overview. There are several Fortune500 CEOs who blog for their company. That many CEOs can’t be wrong. To blog or not to blog is your choice, but you will definitely miss the golden opportunity of getting closer to your employees and customers if your CEO is not blogging now. It’s just simple as that, if you don’t laugh today, you will probably be crying tomorrow.



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