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Thougths on diversity and Affirmative Action Programs June 3, 2007

Posted by Null in Ethics, HRM.

The cultural diversity programs or Affirmative Action programs gives us an impression that awareness for the diversity issues can be twofold in many cases. First of all, the purpose of an Affirmative Action is to ensure that disadvantaged groups such as women and ethnic minorities are not excluded from the recruitment and retention of an organisation. Hence the Affirmative Action can help resolve the issues regarding discrimination and workforce diversity. Many might argue that having such an extensive program will not only comply with the workforce laws but also can enhance organisational effectiveness and bring harmony. But on the other hand, too much emphasis on Affirmative Action can victimise other insiders who might feel that they are excluded from the benefits that are provided to the disadvantaged groups, which eventually, can create a new form of discrimination.

Embracing multicultural diversity is indeed a challenging task for an organisation because it can raise multidimensional dilemmas, which eventually can affect the long term goals of an organisation. To embrace diversity, training and awareness should be created among everyone inside the organisation so that issues regarding diversity do not raise questions. In addition, organisations should also be careful that Affirmative Action programs does not put others at disadvantage.



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