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A La Carte services for academic assignments May 29, 2007

Posted by Null in Academic.

I wonder why we tend to use the technology as a medium for cheating? Knowing that essays or assignments that had been previously submitted or copied, students still buy customised essays/assignments from websites who provides these sort of services. Probably because students these days are not much concerned about the academic ethics. Probably they don’t give a damn to ethics at all. Technology has given them the edge to do whatever they want. Money can buy assignments too and in a a-la-carte menu. Just drop down todays menu of assignments, and choose the relevant topics and essays for your assignments.

However, the bad news for those students who buy a-la-carte assignments/reports is that you can get caught easily because it is much easier for academics as well to know whether the assignment/essay has been written by the student or not. What I do is just copy the texts from the assignment and give it a search. It is that easy to find a cheater. Another bad news is that google has recently banned ads that provide essays on payment. Google has also collaborated with universities with to fight against a-la-carte assignments. Most of the good universities now use the plagiarism software to detect purchased assignments. But I reckon we are too far behind to combat this global threat. We need to have a global ban on the “essay mills” who provide these services. Otherwise it won’t help much.



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