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Benefits of Team Based Learning May 28, 2007

Posted by Null in Academic.

There are many aspects of Team Based Learning that helps us learn. First of all, the formation of a group ties us in a learning collaboration. The group formation itself is a kind of agreement between members so that everyone does their best for satisfying the interest of the group. It brings an increased responsibility into an individual mind. In fact, everyone’s involvement has a tremendous effect on our individual learning process. Team based learning also encourages friendly competition which eventually force our intuition to learn and do well. It is possible for a student to understand whether he/she is progressing well enough compared to other group members.

Team Based LearningSecondly, inclusion of team exercises can help students get diverse ideas, views, opinions and feedback, which, as an individual would not have been possible or would take a significant amount of time to discover. Team exercises also helps in improving a student’s grade which would not have been possible by an individual effort.

Finally, the team based learning encourages constructive conflicts and leads to several arguments until an appropriate solution is constructed. Thus team based learning removes the barriers of individual thinking and understanding and offers us with multiple arguments which encourages better learning. It also forces a weaker student to improve and join the collaboration that eventually helps that student to gain the lost confidence back.



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