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What does effective internal communication means? May 2, 2007

Posted by Null in Corporate Communications.

Internal communications is a communication process that is held within an organisation and between the members of that organisation. The fact behind internal communications is to enhance the organisational communication process and work relationships so that it enables efficiency in the work processes and bring harmony in the organisation. Traditionally, face-to-face interactions, company newsletters and other printed publications were the most used communication channels. But due to emergence of various technologies, communicators these days get the opportunity of selecting from a pool of communication channels. Nowadays, internal communication channels also include Web 2.0 technologies such as intranet, email, weblogs, wikis, Live TV, podcasts, YouTube, SMS and so on. But the question of effective communication still exists as because internal communication is not being done the way it should be. According to Rodney Gray (a communication specialist), internal communications are failing because most communicators are focusing on the wrong communication issues and methods.

In fact having some general principles might help communicators. Principles such as 1) informality in communication, 2) concentration on the needs of employees and various internal stakeholders, 3) interaction with all levels of function, 4) communicators should think themselves as members of the communication results not as communication specialists as because other groups such as employees and shareholders are now influential media producers, 5) Senior management should support the new form of communication process that can take place by using technologies and interactive communication.

However, technology itself cannot ensure effective communication. There should be a blend of several inputs to achieve effectiveness. On the other hand, communicators themselves cannot ensure effectiveness. Unless everyone is involved in the whole communication process, it would be a one sided story for the management and the communicators. It is worthwhile to look at the basics why communication is going wrong. Most importantly, the satisfaction of employees should be considered as the priority for effective communications because employees now fall in the categories of importance as much as customers and shareholders.



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