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Wikipedia: The web of knowledge April 23, 2007

Posted by Null in Technology.

Wikipedia is the fastest growing internet encyclopedia and probably it is considered as the number one encylopedia on web. The mastermind behind this formula was the internet guru Jimmy Wales who in 2001, dreamt of starting an encyclopedia for the internet age. He started it by himself and it took 18 months to complete just 12 entries. Lucky for him that he found that it is not helping him to finish this encyclopedia in a million years all by himself. He then planned to make it free so that everyone can contribute to this encyclopedia. In fact most people considered it as a noble cause which led his strategy go well enough. Now in 2007, wikipedia is the world’s largest free encyclopedia. Just three words “Edit this page” made it happen.

The thing I like about wikipedia is the instant access of suddenly required information which might have taken ages to find if wiki was not here. For example, if I do not know who is Alfred Nobel, it will take just 3 to 5 minutes to find and gather the general information about him. So i think it is a great knowledge base for quick information. On the contrary there are thousands of critics who feel that the information on wikipedia has no validity at all. I agree with the validity concerns of scholars and critiques but at least it is saving my day. Maybe in future, Jimmy will have to employ thousands of editors to ensure it’s validity or maybe we will be happy with the way it is growing. With keeping in mind that wikipedia still need to achieve trust and reliability among scholars, we can still embrace it and do less criticism of this great invention. At least you don’t have to pay money to read it.



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