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Simplicity of E-mail April 22, 2007

Posted by Null in Corporate Communications.

Today when I was reading the article “The future of E-mail” by Gary Anthes on Computerworld, I thought are we really so much worried with the so called E-mail? In fact we are worried because thousands of spams comes to our inbox daily where we have to sort the good ones out of them.  According to the article, the problem will not exist any longer because techonogies are getting updated. Many large organisations have adopted some best ways to ensure the identities of their E-mails. There were some interesting solutions like the SenderID, SmartScreen Filter, E-mail certificate, pay per mail, and E-mail encryption for securing the identity of E-mail and inbox. I was wondering whether we can really encrypt our E-mails as like secure websites? Lucky for me I didn’t have to search long…Verisign and Thawte are already providing these services. You can even get a free personal e-mail certificate from Thawte.

When the security issue is gone, what else is left? I remember that my friends used to tell me that E-mails will be outdated as new communication and learning technologies like podcast, wikis, blogs, etc are emerging. But I think it has a very good future not only because it can harvest the organisational knowledge as mentioned by Hewlett-Packard Co. researcher Bernardo Huberman, but for the user friendliness. You can write wikis or gather a forum but the simplicity of E-mail is totally different. We just write it and send it. To me, E-mail has established an acceptance to the community we live in. The only thing it needs to gain is TRUST.



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