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Internal and External organisational blogs April 22, 2007

Posted by Null in About Blogs, Corporate Communications.

I did a ransack in the corporate blogosphere for the types of corporate blogs. The two most common categories I found are: 1) Internal blogs and 2) External blogs. Internal blogs are quite similar to the concept of Intranet where the communication occurs between the internal employees of a firm. Whereas external blogs are communication channels between the external environment and the firm. A firm’s external environment may include customers, suppliers, government agencies, regulatory bodies, pressure groups, environmentalists, etc.
A Swedish web communication advisor Fredrik Wackå, has classified corporate blogs into six different categories. He identified that the difference in audience groups and purposes have made blogs confusing. He also said that his classification of corporate blogs will help discussion and communication much easier and effective. Description of the classification are detailed in his website.

Fredrik's classification of corporate blogs
(Source: Corporateblogging.info)

Internal blogs are a great to communicate within the firm. These blogs serves as an effective meeting of employees even if they are distant. Unlike video conferencing users can post anytime they want and do not have to be on time. As we discussed in earlier posts that internal blogs are effective for project teams because team members can share their ideas. So organisations can build up a learning organisational culture and harvest knowledge through the use of internal blogs. Apart from knowledge creation and team coordination, there are plenty of benefits you can find of internal blogs. George Athannassov of blogtronix listed some benefits organisations can attain through the effective uses of internal blogs.

On the other hand, external blogs are also useful for a learning organisation. It is like a face to face communication with the end-users. In fact end-users may have more product knowledge than the producers as because they are using the product. So these type of blogs can help firms to harvest more knowledge from their external environment. I soon realised why most of the CEO or CIO blogs that exist on the blogosphere are external blogs. In addition to external communication and feedback, external blogs can also improve a firm’s marketing and branding activities. For example, Nike’s Basketball blog can be regarded as a focused external blog that is aimed at promoting basketball and as well as Nike’s basketball related products.



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