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Does it matter who should blog and who should not? April 22, 2007

Posted by Null in About Blogs, Corporate Communications.

Corporate blogs are news ways to communicate with the world. No matter what business are you in, it is worthwhile to look at the benefits of corporate blogging. Corporate blogging can not only enhance your communication with your customers and stakeholders but also with your employees.

When employees are allowed to be a part of the communication process, it enhances the organizational culture. As I have browsed through some of the corporate blogs, in most cases it is one individual who is representing the organisation. For Sun Microsystems, it is the CEO who is blogging for the company. Jonathan Schwartz, the CEO of Sun Microsystems has his own blog by which he communicates with the employees and the customers. I was wondering whether CEOs should blog or not. In a post of Global PR Week Blog, David Taylor said CEOs should not blog at all because they are very busy individuals thinking about strategic planning. I think it does not need to be a CEO to blog for an organisation. Employee who you think is dedicated and has a good writing skill can blog for your company. All you have to make sure that employee is highly identified by your organisation. Organisational identification is a sense of belongingness to the organisation by an individual. Dr. Carl and his students at Northeastern University have discussed more about organisational identification on their communication blog. It is really an interesting blog to read. Go dig it.



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