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Corporate blogging and ethics April 22, 2007

Posted by Null in About Blogs, Ethics.

As far as communications are concerned, trust and ethics are always core issues in managing social media. Similar to other social media, blogging is also difficult to control since there are no cyber patrol for controlling the thugs of social media. However, unethical practices are less likely to be found in blogs compared to other social media like E-mail. But there are no universal standard guidelines for blogs. Most bloggers outline or highlight the blogging policies on their blogs.

Organisational blogs such as IBM, DELL, Yahoo, Boeing and Marriot International have outlined the blogging policy and guidelines on their blogs. These guidelines tells us the various legal, ethical, copyright and privacy issues that may be relevant with the blogs.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EEF) has an interesting set of general guidelines for bloggers who might be wary about the legal and ethical issues concerning blogs. A look into those guidelines will give a clear idea about the Do’s and Dont’s of blogs.

Another way of securing blog articles is by the use of Creative Commons License where you can not only copyright your ideas but also share by letting others copy your ideas. If you want to buy a seal, CopyrightDeposit can provide you with a copyright declaration seal through a one time payment.

In general, most bloggers seemed to have high ethical standards as because they too contribute to the knowledge of the blogosphere. But it is worthwhile to understand what could have happened if the bloggers were not aware about the intellectual property rights. Due to the blogging boom, I think it is not far when we will have to have a genuine security measure to claim our intellectual property in future. I just wonder what happens next when corporate giants like Google does not care about their client’s privacy. Watch this video.



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