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Blogging for competitive advantage April 22, 2007

Posted by Null in Corporate Communications.

Blogs which were once viewed as teen journals or geek diaries suddenly turned out to be a knowledge management tool to many large organisations. These sudden move by many firms towards blogging has surprised many communication scholars and practitioners.  When I started moving in the blogosphere, I too wondered why do organisations blog? There are several reasons behind it.

Organisations blog for various reasons. As for an external organisational blog, the primary objective is to get closer to the customers and get feedback from them about your new innovations and product updates. Therefore you need to take a lead in the topics that are relevant to your industry and create a network of passionate communicators in those fields. That brings your organisation in a form of social identification to the media and to the community. For example, GM’s Bob Lutz talks about the auto industry and communicates with the external community through his blog. Thus it creates a social network within various people who are interested in those topics.  John Porcaro, a marketing manager of Microsoft believes that listening to customers and their needs helps them meet their expectations. His personal weblog helps him a great deal when communicating with customers. Corporate blogs are not just about marketing and product promotion, but also to represent the organsation as a knowledge base in the communities they exist.

As far as I understand, internal corporate blogs are useful for team communications in product development. Organisations like IBM and Macromedia already claims that they have benefitted with the use of internal blogs. Internal blogs are also useful for multinationals with international subsidiaries and international managers. The parent company can communicate and share knowledge with all the international units within an internal blog which eventually gives a competitive advantage to the firm.



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