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Blogging etiquette April 22, 2007

Posted by Null in About Blogs.

From my personal experience, I felt that blogging is a very user friedly social media for conversations. You open up a blog account and you are ready to blog. You dont have to be a techy to blog. All you need is the writing skills, patience and the correct etiquette for conversations. However, it would be wise to realise that whatever we are writing in our blogs is going to the public knowledge and we need to be very careful about what we say on blogs.

Mellisa Waters of BellaOnline’s Journals Editor has emphasized on accuracy, spellings, and simple plain language when writing blogs. Another important etiquette for blogging is politeness. Blogging is casual but we should also be polite and respectful to what others think and say. Thus acknowledging other’s ideas should be a priority in terms of blogging etiquette.

On the contrary, James (an IT architect) has argued that blogging does not need any etiquette. He believes that many thoughtful conversations does not occur just because we are worried about offending someone when having a conversation. I think James has a very good logic but etiquette is much important these days. Just think about Kathy Sierra’s consequences for creating passionate users. There are no crimestoppers on the web which leaves us with one hope…that is etiquette. What do you think?



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