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A brief about Organisational blogging April 22, 2007

Posted by Null in Corporate Communications.

Blogs are one of the most innovative creations of the 21st century. They are a kind of social media that are aimed at delivering information to the audience.  The only way it differs from other social media is the audience and the flexibility. Blogs have a larger audience base where every Internet user has the right to read it. Moreover, you don’t have to do any coding to create your journal. With no cost involvement, blogs seemed to have gained popularity among the businesses as well. Many large organisations such as DELL, IBM, Wallmart Stores, McDonalds, Cisco Systems, Google, etc have their own organisational blogs. According to a research done by SocialText, 8% or more “Fortune 500”companies have already started corporate blogging. Hopefully it will increase when organisations will realise the potential benefits of corporate blogging. 

Organisational blogging or Corporate blogging can be regarded as an effective communication method both internally and externally. We will discuss more about internal and external blogs later. Corporate blogs are published by an organisation to attain several organisational objectives. Some of these objectives may include:

  • Gaining better customer relationships

  • Building a better project team

  • Improve internal communications

  • Getting feedback from end-users about goods and services

  • Getting specialist advice for continuous improvement

  • Knowledge based information sharing

Unlike other social media such as newsletters, e-mails, wikis, etc., corporate blogging seems more open-ended and useful since users can post comments. For example, a customer who previously bought an IBM Thinkpad commented that the fingerprint technology would serve as a security if it can be included in the notebooks. Therefore comments and feedbacks can generate valuable ideas for product innovation. The same goes with service enhancements. It is the end users who can actually tell you what merits and demerits you might have. So it is a great way to gain more knowledge from others. As Dave Weick, the CIO of McDonalds Corporation on an interview with BusinessWeek said, “Blogs are a way to bring our knowledge together”. 



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